HyperparameterHunter Library Compatibility

This section lists libraries that have been tested with HyperparameterHunter and briefly outlines some works in progress.

Support On the Way

  • PyTorch/Skorch

  • TensorFlow

  • Boruta

  • Imbalanced-Learn

Not Yet Compatible

  • TPOT

    • After admittedly minimal testing, problems arose due to the fact that TPOT implements its own cross-validation scheme

    • This resulted in (probably unexpected) nested cross validation, and extremely long execution times


  • If you don’t see the one of your favorite libraries listed above, and you want to do something about that, let us know!

  • See HyperparameterHunter’s ‘examples/’ directory for help on getting started with compatible libraries

  • Improved support for hyperparameter tuning with Keras is on the way!